Each hedgehog adopted from Curious Quills Hedgehogs will receive a take-home package that includes the following items:

Please note: We strongly suggest purchasing at least one bag of Spike's Delite when you take your new companion home. It is important to acclimate your pet to its new home first and to change the diet later if you find it necessary to switch to another dry kibble. We have found that a 2lb/0.91kg bag of food will last approximately 100 days. This is determined by feeding 1 Tbsp of Spike’s Delite only, per day per hedgehog.

Adoption Process

If you are interested in adopting a hoglet, please fill out the application form below. Applicants will be contacted shortly after the submission with further details regarding the adoption. Please note that those who pay a $50 deposit will be contacted first for hoglet adoption

Application Form

Please have a read through our Hedgehog Refund & Exchange Policy. All those who are adopting a hoglet from us will be required to sign a hard copy of this policy before any hoglet leaves the possession of Curious Quills Hedgehogs.

Those on the Waiting List will be notified of their opportunity to reserve a hoglet from available litters as their name comes up on the list. Once all the hoglets have been adopted, those remaining on the waiting list will be carried over to a future litter.

Current Litters

Pairing and birth announcements of upcoming litters will be posted as available. The gender/colours of the hoglets are also added to the announcement once they are handled at approximately two weeks from birth. The take home date for each hoglet is arranged approximately 7-8 weeks from date of birth.

No hoglets available for adoption at this time.

Older Hedgehogs Available for Adoption

ID: Burrito
Gender: Male
DOB: January 22, 2015
Colour: Reverse Dark Grey Pinto
On Hold

ID: Whiskey
Gender: Male
DOB: March 31, 2014
Colour: Algerian Grey Pinto Snowflake
On Hold

Recently Adopted Hoglets

Joy and Gizmo’s litter of two male hoglets arrived on October 9, 2015. They are in the dark grey colour range.

ID: Joy Male 1
Gender: Male
IHA number: TBD
Adopted by Lindy

ID: Joy Male 2
Gender: Male
IHA number: TBD
Adopted by Lindsay

To see photographs of some of our already-adopted hoglets, click here.